ADM Maida Flour 16 Kg

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For all the baking needs, the ADM Maida flour should be the first choice. This flour can be used to prepare pastries, flatbreads, pizza and bread rolls, among others. Therefore, visit Red Rickshaw to acquire this flour. Users should store this flour in an airtight container. This Maida flour also contains some nutrients which benefit the body in different ways. The Health benefits of ADM Maida Flour For a proper insight into what is maida flour and its benefits, it’s crucial to explore the different nutrients. Different nutrients present the following health benefits: Iron is very important in the formation of haemoglobin, used by the red blood cells to transport oxygen levels to different body parts. Iron also treats anaemia, a condition linked to fatigue and general weakness. This mineral also boosts the functionality of the immune system. Consuming products made from ADM Maida flour improves the brain’s functionality and concentration, thanks to the high iron levels. Fibre helps individuals attain a healthy weight by limiting calories intake per day. Generally, fibre makes individuals feel full for long. Diabetic people can maintain normal blood sugar levels, thanks to the fibre levels in Maida flour. Fibre also enhances bowel movement by softening the stool and increasing size. Protein in ADM Maida flour increases both muscle strength and mass. This protein also helps maintain normal blood pressure levels. This flour is also rich in carbohydrates which supply the body with the required energy levels. ADM Maida Flour Recipe Suggestion This maida flour can be used to prepare different recipes. Amazingly, all recipes are easy to execute. Try out any of these top recipes: Maida Dosa Ingredients ADM Maida flour Green chillies Mustard seeds How to prepare Add some ADM Maida flour with water. Stir to form a batter with no lumps. Add some mustard seeds and green chillies to the batter. Continue stirring for a few minutes. Afterwards, heat a pan and pour some batter. Drop some oil beneath the dosa. Apply more oil before flipping to the other side when brown colour appears. Repeat the process and serve once all dosa is ready. Khara Khaja Recipe Ingredients ADM Maida flour Ghee Salt Warm water Ajwain Cooking oil How to prepare Mix salt, ADM Maida and Ajwain in a bowl. Heat ghee and mix it well in the bowl. Add warm water to the bowl and start kneading. Knead until stiff dough appears. Take a portion of the dough and form a mini circle shape. Afterwards, fry in cooking oil. Remove from oil, drain and enjoy. Namak Para Recipe Ingredients ADM Maida flour Cumin seeds Ajwain Black pepper Ghee Baking soda Cooking oil Salt Water How to prepare Mix ADM maida flour, salt and baking soda in a bowl. Afterwards, add ajwain and ghee to the bowl. Knead well and form a dough. Add water while kneading. Use the dough to form medium-sized balls. Afterwards, come up with a disc shape from the round balls. Use a knife to cut crisscrossed shapes from the disc-shaped dough. Deep fry the crisscrossed shapes until a brown colour appears. Remove from oil and serve. There is no doubt all the above ADM Maida flour recipes are easy to prepare. Follow the provided guidelines.

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