Akash Basmati Rice 20 Kg

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The Akash Basmati rice is famous across the globe. This is because of the high-quality grains that are packed. Above all, this basmati rice is packed with different nutrients, known to improve an individual’s health. The Akash rice 10kg can also be used to prepare different meals. This rice can also stay fresh for a long time when raw. How to cook Akash Basmati Measure dry water and proportional water Soak rice in cold water for around twenty minutes. Afterwards, add water and Akash Basmati rice. Reduce the cooking heat immediately the water boils. Once ready, remove from the heat and wait five minutes before serving. Health Benefits of Akash Basmati Rice Numerous health benefits are linked to Akash gold basmati rice recipes. This is the reason people should regularly consume this rice. Some top health benefits of this product include: The Akash basmati rice 10kg contains low-fat content. This helps individuals maintain healthy weight levels. This rice has low sodium levels, which benefit individuals with blood pressure issues. The low sodium levels keep the blood pressure at bay. Akash rice has excellent fibre levels. Therefore, this rice relieves digestion problems and improves bowel tract functionality. The carbohydrates levels in Akash gold basmati rice 10kg supply the required energy levels to the brain and other essential body organs for normal function. Akash rice is cholesterol-free. This reduces the possibilities of contracting heart conditions or stroke. The insoluble fibre in this basmati rice prevents the development of certain types of cancer. Vitamin D found in this rice helps to maintain strong bones, muscles and teeth. Iron in Akash rice prevents anaemia from the body. Also, this mineral is required in the formation of haemoglobin in the red blood cells. Akash Basmati Rice Recipe Suggestion Check out the top Akash Basmati rice recipes from ingredients and preparation methods. Afterwards, try one of the recipes out: Coconut Rice Ingredients Boiled Akash basmati rice Mustard seed Cooking oil Cumin seeds curry leaves Urad Dal Chopped green chillies Cashew nuts Grated coconut Salt Lemon juice Fresh coriander leaves Preparation method Add mustard seeds to a hot pan with oil. Stir while cooking before adding cumin seeds. Afterwards, add Urad Dal when cumin seeds attain a golden colour. Add cashew nuts and stir. Afterwards, add the remaining ingredients and stir. Cook for five minutes while regularly stirring before adding rice. Mix well and cook for another seven minutes under low heat before serving. Bisi Bele Bhaat is another top Akash rice recipe worth considering. This basmati rice has a sweet aroma that enhances the taste of meals. Hence, reach out to Red Rickshaw and notice a difference in recipes. This product is not available to be shipped internationally.

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