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Gits Handvo Mix 500gReady to cook savory north Indian sweet dry mix.A Spicy and sour cake requiring great skill to prepare even for natives of western India where it originates, Gits Handvo, mix makes the preparation of Handvo quick , easy and right every time for anybody , enjoy delicious Handvo with tomato ketchup How to prepare:1. Mix the contents of the pack with 50g curd 40ml oil and 600ml of water and keep it aside for 10mins2. Heat 60ml oil for approx 2min add 2-3 red chillies and 1stp sesame seeds add this to the above batter and blend well3. Cook in a thick bottom greased Handvo cooker on medium to low flame for 40-45mins, Flip and cook the other side for 15mins, Tip: The cooking vessel should be of thick bottom if not place tava, on the flame and Handvo cooker, on the tavaAlternatively: Handvo can also be cooked in a thick bottom non-stick shallow saucepan, in such case cover & cook for 12mins, on medium flame , 2. Flip and cook the other side for 10mins. Nutritional Information per 100g Energy 355kcal Protein 10g Fat 7g Carbohydrates 60g Fibre 6g

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