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Gits Rava Dosa Mix 500g

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Gits Rava Dosai Mix 500g Ingredients: Rava, Black gram flour, whole green gram flour, salt, sugar, fenugreek seed powder, raising agent sodium bi-carbonate Product of India Preparation:1. Add 350ml water to 500g Gits Rava Dosai Mix keep aside for 5mins2. Beat the batter pour 1 small cup of batter on medium heated non stick pan and spread3. Sprinkle some oil on and over the dosa roast till golden4. Wipe the pan surface with damp cloth & follow the above procedure for next dosa5. Serve hot moong dosa with eatwell idly chutney Nutritional Information per 100g Energy 361kcal Protein 8.8g Fat 6.2g Carbohydrates 66g Dietary Fibre 3g Store in a cool and dry place Packed in Plant That processes daily, wheat flour, nuts and sesame seedsConations No Artificial colours or Artificial Preservatives 100% vegetarian Gulten free

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