Kohinoor Basmati Silver Rice (Extra Fine) 10 Kg

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Kohinoor Silver Basmati Rice (Extra fine) 10 Kg There are a lot of rice varieties out there, so you’ll want to pick the right type for the kind of taste and consistency to match your recipe. Kohinoor’s extra fine Silver Basmati has been carefully handpicked for its slender grain, which once cooked has a soft and fluffy texture- ideal for biryani and pilafs. Kohinoor has sourced their silver basmati rice from the iconic snow-fed valleys of the Himalayas, producing a sweet, nutty Basmati. An international brand that has been established for around four decades, Kohinoor is trusted by consumers across the world for souring the finest Basmati Rice from the Himalayan region. Kohinoor Silver Basmati Rice (Extra fine) 10 Kg Ideal as an accompaniment to your favourite curry, or in biryani or pilaf This product is not available to be shipped internationally.

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