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Lijjat Red Chilli Papad 200g

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Lijjat Red Chilli Papad 200g Other Flavours: Udad with pepper, Garlic, Green chilli, Red chilli, Plan udad, Jeera, Moong plain, Moong with pepper, Udad Special, Moong Special, Panjabi Speical, Mathia special, Dhamta Special, Sindhi Masala. Ingredients: Urid flour, Garlic, Green chilli, salt, Sodium, ediable vegetable oil and other spices. Cooking Instructions: To be fried or Roasted before consuming. Frying: Deep fry in the oil for few seconds, remove from pan drain excess oil. Microwaven: Microwave for 60sec approx. Roast: Roast over open flame or heat for few sec, till it is ready. Nutritional information Energy 326kcal Protein 20.94g% Fat 0.01 Carbohydrates 0.5902 Fibre 1.22g

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