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Natco Powa (Rice Flakes) Medium 1 Kg

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When time is of the essence, you’ll find Powa rice flakes rather handy, thank you very much. Ready in just minutes, Natco’s rice grains have been pre-cooked and pressed into medium sized flakes to ensure quick absorption of liquid.Natco’s rice flakes cook in just minutes and can be used in sweet or savoury dishes.● Pawa, powa, poha, poya, flattened rice, pauaa, paunva, has its origins in Western India ● Often used in snacks or eaten like cereal with yoghurt ● High iron count, also a natural probiotic due to the fermentation during soaking ● Dishes featuring rice flakes include Kanda Poha, Poha Chivda, also sometimes used for weaning Nutritional Information Energy 1527kj/356kcal Protein 7.1g Fat 0.7g Carbohydrates 80.0g Dietary Fibre 1.3g

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