Ottolenghi Simple Cookbook Set

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Ottolenghi emphases in Simple that the right ingredients are what makes all the difference when it comes to making fuss-free, every-day meals chock full of flavour. Whether it be a spice, a paste or a herb – you can unlock layers of flavour with just one ingredient. With that in mind, we’ve paired his cookbox with 8 ingredients used throughout the book that we think you might not have in your pantry. With Ottolenghi’s Simple kit you can inject quick and easy flavour into many of the recipes in Simple, you only need to add a few fresh ingredients. The Ottolenghi Simple Kit comes complete with: Nigella Seeds Tahini Preserved Lemons Apricot Harissa Zhoug Paste Gochujang Paste Pomegranate Molasses Black Olive Tapenade Black Limes Simple Cookbook To top it off, it all comes beautifully packaged in on our own limited edition Red Rickshaw Drawstring bags

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