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Red Label Tea 250g Product Description: Tes is the favourite beverage of India. It’s what keeps the world’s largest democracy going.It keeps you warm or cools tou off.It cheers you up or calms you down.But now there’s more to tea that’ll change your perceptions forever. At our R&D center in Bengaluru,our scientists have now discovered that high quality tea is one of the richest natural sources of Flavonoids. These Flavonoids are also found in fruits and vegetables and have many health benefits associated with them.They also found out that these healthy Flavonoids give tea its unique taste, strength and red colour. This is why our scientists teamed up with our master blenders at the Brooke bond tea Excellence center in Kolkata, which is backed by 140 years of blending expertise.Together,they created a high quality blend of Red label tea which is rich in taste and rich in Healthy Flavonoids. To stay healthy the tasty way, make sure you have at least three cups of Red Label a day. For over 140 years, Brooke Bond’d experts have blended the best teas to create your perfect cup of tea. Through years of research,our scientist have established that tea is truly a healthy beverage. The Brooke bond tea council comprises of experts in tea,health and nutrition that research in to tea and help create signature offerings that promote a healthy body and cheer your senses. Nutritional Information Energy 100Kcal Protein 20g Fat Traces Carbohydrates 4g Dietary Fibre 0g

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