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Shan Mutton Biryani (Memoni) Mix 60g

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Shan Mutton Biryani (Memoni) Mix 60g Ingredients: Salt, Redchilli, Dil Seeds, Green Cardamom, Black Pepper, Brown Cardamon, Cumin, All spices. Nutritional Information Energy 1145kcal Protein 9.0g Fat 5.0g Carbohydrates 57.0g Dietary Fibre 0g Memoni Mutton BiryaniIngredients and quantity Meat 750g Cubes with Bobes Rice 750g washed and soaked for 30mins onions-3-4medium Potatoes 4 Medium peeled and halfcut/500g Totamtoes 3-4 medium Diced/300g Yogurt plain 1 1/4 cups,/whipped 250g Garlic paste 1tbsp Ginger paste 3tbsp Green chillies 10 medium/large whole Lemon Juice 3-4tbsp/2lemons Ghee/oil 1 1/2cups/250g Shan memoni one packet Mutton biryani mix Steps of Cooking: 1.Make geee/oil hot and fry the onions until light golden. 2.Add meat , garlic , ginger and stir fry for a minute, then add Shan memoni mutton Biryani mix and yogurt and stir for few minutes. 3.Add 3-4cups of water and potatoes, cover and cook on low heat until the meat is completely tender, Then add tomatoes green chillies, and lemon Juice Stir and remove from heat. 4.Separately: in 10glass of water stir 2tbsp of salt and add the soaked rice, boil until the rice is about three quater tender, remove from the heat and drain the liquid. 5.Spread three quarter boiled rice in a pot and pour the cooking meat curry over it. Then Spread the remaining rice over the meat curry,cover and cook on low heat until the rice is completely tender, mix the rice and meat curry before serving Serve Suggestion: Serve with raita and salad Fo an authentic Anki taste: Add 1/2 cup od boiled dal chana in setp 2

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