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Sohum Udyog Ragi Malt (Without Sugar) 200g

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Sohum Udyog Ragi Malt (Without Sugar) 200g Made from best quality nachni gives you strength & Vigour, High Protien contents help to build your stamina. Artificial Flavours & Preservatives added. Ingredients: Nachni Nutritional information Energy 361.9kcal% Carbohydrates 80.2g Protein 7.4g Iron 3.92gms Sodium 0 Directions for use: Take one tbsp of Nachi Satva dissolve it in one cup of water without crumping lumps, Boil till it gets thicker add milk & sugar to taste (can also add 1 tbsp of Nachani to a cup of boiling milk and a tasty health Naturitoius breakfast is ready to serve . Keep away from direct sunlight. Manufactured by: Sohum Udyog,Sno: 553 at post , Khed shivapur, Tal Haveli Pune

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