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Taj Punjabi Samosa (Pack of 20)

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Taj Punjabi Samosa (Pack of 20) (Indian style pastry stuffed with spiced vegetables) Ingredients: Wheat flour, Potato, Green peas, Sunflower oil.Cooking Instructions: Deep frying: Remove frozen panjabi samosas, from the box no need to defrost, frozen contents should be deep fried, in medium hot oil, for 8-10mins, till golden brown, thawed contents should be deep-fried in hot oil for 5-6mins Conventional.Oven: Set oven at 425c f & bake till golden brown serve hot Taj Punjabi samosas with tamarind chutney. Nutritional information Energy 13kcal Protein 6g Fat 2g Carbohydrates 26g Fibre 2g

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